About JointForce

JointForce is positioned as a reliable Internet-based IT service crowdsourcing platform. Based on socialized cooperation and sharing, it provides a transaction and communication platform for the customers with short or medium term IT service demands and the individuals, teams and enterprises who are willing to provide services. To enable both parties to the transaction to complete the customized development and delivery of software in a rapid, safe and effective manner, it provides the Development Collaboration Cloud (DCC) and effective and comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the IT service.

Starting with software developers, JointForce is committed to liberating their intellectual productivity. We believe that "only when the individual productivity is liberated, can the productivity of the entire software industry be liberated”.

The view of Bimodal IT service proposed by Gartner two years ago is widely recognized by domestic and foreign enterprises. They believe that two IT development models will coexist for a long time in the future. Model1 represents the traditional IT service model. With relatively clear requirements and objectives, Model1 can be organized in an industrialization IT way. Model2 represents the IT development serving business innovation featured mainly by uncertain demand and exploratory delivery. Model2 features agile development and short development cycle.

The IT service provided on JointForce can meet the requirements of both Model1 and Model2. JointForce serves as an important channel for enterprises to practice the fast trial and error and innovative development of Model2. This platform matches experienced people from massive resources quickly in a disintermediated and decentralized way, making the demand information more transparent and the collaborative process more efficient. It allows users to participate in the production, mobilizing various resources and capabilities to liberate productivity.

Gartner estimates that by 2018, as the main pattern of Model2, 20% of the global IT services totaling nearly 1 trillion dollars, namely, 200 billion dollars, will be done on Internet-based crowdsourcing platforms.

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