Integrated Development Kit

ResourceOne is powerful enterprise-level platform for integrated development for enterprise users and application developers on the JointForce Platform. Based on its technical capabilities and the proven experience in architecture, development of enterprise-level application solutions is an easy thing now.

The ResourceOne kit family is embodiment of Chinasoft International’s core value, representing the company's unremitting efforts and innovations over years in the information construction in many fields and enterprises. Undergone multiple version upgrades since 1999, the latest version of ResourceOne is 5.0. Its predecessor, version 3.5 was component-technology-based and supported cross-region large-scale projects; version 4.X fully supported SOA. Version 5.0 supports cloud computing and ICT. These products reach maturity with the business growth of Chinasoft International, gradually forming three independent product lines.

Product line of ResourceOne BizFoundation application development platform

ResourceOne BizFoundation accumulates knowledge and experience obtained during application software development in various industries. It integrates best practice and technical know-hows of thousands of software development projects, enabling comprehensive process management and control to achieve quick development and delivery of industrial and enterprise applications. It can deal with issues related to quick delivery, technology accumulation, management and control in complex changeable environment. All projects of Chinasoft International are developed on BizFoundation development platform, including business system widely used in service terminals in government sectors like audit, agriculture, tobacco and state-owned assets at ministry, provincial, municipal and county levels.

The BizFoundation platform supports the entire life cycle of application development, providing effective tools for stages of requirements analysis, design, development, testing, packaging, assembly and integration. Thanks to intensified management of development tasks, component asset management and project process control, it builds internal development process models (if they meet CMMI requirements), expedites the delivery process, continuously cuts down the delivery cost, improves the quality of delivery and boosts project profitability.

Product line of ResourceOne component management and integration portal

This product line employs rich experiences and practical methods accumulated in portal construction for more than a decade. It is intended to help customers integrate business applications with minimal costs and quickly build personalized enterprise portal targeting at different users. At the same time, it builds panoramic view for application assets to help the managers effectively regulate the application component assets and evaluate the use of the asset. It is a unique differentiated and competitive product of Chinasoft International with a large number of built-in business systems suitable for software development environments in China.

Product line of ResourceOne SOA Suite integrated middleware platform

This product line provides the standard middleware products required by SOA, including: Enterprise Service Bus (ResourceOne Enterprise Service Bus/Exchange-Integration), business process management platform (ResourceOne StarFlow BPM) and central resource management library (ResourceOne Global Repository). Their functions correspond exactly to the SOA middleware products of leading software providers such as IBM and ORACLE, and can be mixed and exchanged with SOA middleware products of any standard.

Based on ResourceOne SOA Suite products, you can quickly set up a service-oriented enterprise architecture and business process management platform to easily deal with requirements in informatization construction, such as the application of new business, integration of enterprise application, monitoring and optimization of business process, and integration and exchange of data. They help you transform IT technology into your productivity.