Cloud Services

The cloud consulting and implementation services cover the private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud, define the maturity model of cloud services, and instruct the customers to learn and adapt to the cloud quickly.

Cloud Consulting Services

It provides enterprises with expert-level consulting and implementation services, helps the customers understand the business driver and top demand of cloud services, analyzes possible gains in economy, technology and other aspects brought by cloud services, and shows business solutions on the cloud to customers by prototype system and other means. On this basis, it helps the customers define cloud vision, and assesses customers’ business status, including existing business systems, data centers, business processes and data as well as security, so as to determine the overall solution on the cloud, and develop phased strategies.

Cloud Implementation Services

It helps the users implement cloud solutions, develops or transfers business systems, and transfers the original business data. It establishes the maintenance & governance program of cloud services, improves the measurement, monitoring and evaluation systems of cloud services, constantly collects the data indicators, and continuously enhances the cloud service model based on data.